Manual spice grinders

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-10 % Peugeot pontarlier comby 15cm - 860501

Peugeot pontarlier comby 15cm

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There is no doubt that different food require different containers. The best way to prepare healthy vegetables is steaming. Soup require greater pot with perfectly heat-conducting to reduce energy consumption. To prepare the succulent roast grip use the pan in which the meat can be first rapid roast on the stove to be pulled to stay juicy and then slowly bake in the oven. If you like baking you'll appreciate the exceptional properties of ceramics by Emile Henry

known thanks to slow and uniform heat conduction. Whether baking a fruit pie or fruitcake

you will definitely appreciate that the dough will be evenly baked in the ceramic form. Ceramics looks good at the set table

and thanks to glaze Ceradon you can cut inside the dish without harming the surface.

The high quality beech wood used in Peugeot mills is grown



shaped and finished in France. Paris mills are available as either pepper or salt mills (various sizes for each)

in either a varnished or a piano-style gloss lacquer finish. For Paris Classic mills

the grind is adjusted by turning the top nut: turn it clockwise (tighten) for a finer grind; counter-clockwise (loosen) for a coarser grind.

Depth 15 cm