Aladín - smoking gun

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100% Chef Serie Aladín Aromatic

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The new Aladín Aromatic®, is the only multi-aromatizer in the world. Based on the technique of instant smoking, our aromatizer allows generation of aromatic vapors in an instant and controlled way using essentials oils, essences, extracts, alcohols, etc.
Put some drops of an aromatic agent in your filter. Turn on the engine and direct the outlet where you want. You will instantly obtain steam with a strong fragrance. The vapor will be invisible and won’t soil or impregnate any surface.

Seaweed, flowers, aromatic herbs, spices, fruit, cookies and yeasts, liquors, seeds, teas and coffees, toasted flavors... Everything is possible. Replace your filter with a clean one and impregnate it with a different aroma, that’s all. Now you’re ready to instantly apply a new aroma. Create your own perfume with infinite possible combinations between aromas: lime-mint, orange-whisky, truffle-mushroom, coconut‐rum,... Without heat, resistant and reliable. Enjoy your tool for a long time.

Manual EN (pdf)

Depth 20 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 5 cm