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-10 % Zwilling Pro Steak knife 12cm - 38409-121

Zwilling Pro Steak knife 12cm

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A classic for the professional kitchen now even better.

A quick glance of ZWILLING PRO exposes its traditional heritage; a slender handle form with scales fastened by 3 rivets to a fully revealed tang. A fi rst grasp of ZWILLING PRO unveils a new experience in comfort and control. The gentle curve of the bolster guides the hand naturally and securely onto the blade encouraging a professional “pinch-grip”.

A closer inspection reveals the new, effi cient, wedge shape blade and the gleam of the acute Vedge, honed to precise angles for long-lasting cutting performance. Unseen is our commitment to the fi nest NO-STAIN German steel formula, SIGMAFORGE one-piece construction and the meticulous tempering that result in our renowned FRIODUR blade.

Innovative Design

  • The special geometry of the cutting edge provides optimal stability for the easiest possible rocking cut.
  • Thanks to a blade that is ground along its entire length, smooth cutting and slicing is possible all the way to the bolster.
  • The curved bolster forms a harmonious transition between the handle and the blade, so that the correct hold on the handle is chosen intutively, assuring easy and precise cutting.
  • Innovative and precise sharpening technology makes it possible to produce a blade with a narrow wedge shape, i.e. with a thinner edge and a wide back.
  • Various cutting techniques are simplified by improved blade shape.
Depth 12 cm