Miyabi 7000D

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-10 % Zwilling Miyabi 7000D Santoku 18cm - 34544-181

Zwilling Miyabi 7000D Santoku 18cm

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In the Japanese kitchen the cutting of food is very much an art form. Only very sharp knives can preserve the texture and the fine taste of the food. To fulfil these expectations all MIYABI knives get the original Japanese Honbazuke honing that only the best master craftsmen can produce. Four traditional knife types are also distinguished by their asymmetric blades whose extremely sharp profile is essential for the precise boning and filleting of, for example, fish. The MIYABI collection comprises four series whose characteristic feature is their exceptional sharpness together with quality, design and handle comfort.

Fascinating aesthetics in an attractive Damask design. The five different blades are made of 33-layered steel with a core of CMV60 stainless steel.

Depth 18 cm