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-10 % Staub Sauté pan with cast iron lid graphite grey ø24cm - 1262318

Staub Sauté pan with cast iron lid graphite grey ø24cm

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Staub multiprocessing saute pan with cast iron lid, diameter 24 cm, graphit grey.

Staub Cookware has been creating enameled cast iron casserole, cocotte and ramekins since 1892. Staub cookware is beautifully designed and made in France by Europe's cast iron cookware expert. The cast iron in Staub cookware allows for even heat distribution and retains heat long after it has been taken off the stove. It is perfect for slow cooking meals. A special smooth ceramic bottom enables it to be used on all types of heating surfaces, including induction. Staub cast iron requires no seasoning! Oils used when cooking penetrate the pores and create a natural, smooth non-stick surface.

  • Frying, roasting and faster browning
  • Healthy low fat cooking
  • Preserves nutritional properties
  • Heats evenly
  • Compatible with all heat sources, and with ovens
  • Table use
  • diameter 24 cm
  • volume 2,4 l
Depth 24 cm
Volume 2400 ml