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Peugeot chilli peppers mill Olreon natural 14cm

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Ellegant mills for salt, pepper and chilli by Peugeot - Oleron, size 14 cm. Made of transparent acrylate together with beechwood will fit with every colour.

Mills for salt and pepper Oleron by Peugeot made of transparent acrylate in combination with beechwood will fit with every colour. Unique and famous Peugeot stainless steel grinding mechanism, anti corrosion treated. No need to distinguish, you can tell for the first glanc which mill is for pepper and which for salt. The grinding mechanism is turnable in both ways - left and right. Adjust your grind with the top knob.

  • transparent acrylate / beech wood
  • salt, pepper, chilli
Depth 14 cm