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-10 % KitchenAid Food grinder - FGA

KitchenAid Food grinder

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Fits KitchenAid Artisan robotu (KSM150, KSM156, KSM758), KitchenAid Heavy Duty and KitchenAid Professional 

There’s a wide variety of accessories and attachments for creating hundreds of delicious recipes. Even the most creative of chefs will find that the possibilities are endless, whether it’s making a family recipe or creating a real work of art. Let your imagination run wild and acquire a taste for the ultimate compliment !

The food grinder will mince or grind meat and fish, vegetables, dried bread, firm fleshed fruits and cheese. It comes with a 2-sided, 4 blade self-sharpening stainless steel knife, coarse and fine stainless steel grinding plates and food stomper/wrench. The grinder body, retainer ring and food stomper/wrench are dishwasher-safe.