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100% Chef Confi Kit (Kitchen Aid)

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The perfect attachment for coating nuts


and a wide variety of confections with tempered chocolate and other coatings. It also sugar coats almonds

dried fruit


etc. and turns them into succulent dragees.

This little coating pan attachment is adaptable to any model of Kenwood or Kitchen- Aid mixer. It will provide and allow you to make new pieces of sweet and savory snacks in the pastry kitchen or workshop to explore many possibilities.

This is a small version of similar coating pans/drums used today in commercial candy manufacturing!

For optimal performance incline the KitchenAid mixer to a 30 degree angle

using the stainless steel Incline Stand included with the set. This item requires candy making knowledge and a skill level to achieve optimal results.

Manual EN (pdf)

Depth 40 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 24 cm