Aladín - smoking gun

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100% Chef Serie Aladín Chips beach wood 80g

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Our product is the result of the best selection of the appropriate woods for the different smoking techniques. They are compliant with all the norms applicable to gastronomic use.

Aladín Chips is the best choice for smoking any kind of food

thanks to its neutrality and to its low amount of resin.

It's strongly advised for mixing it with other aromas

such as essential oils

citrus skins


aromatic herbs


The combustion must be kept slow and at a low temperature (less than approx. 500ºC).
To do so

you can dampen the chips slightly with water

and control the air flow so as to avoid the formation of flames.

It is recommended to store the chips in a fresh and dry place and inside a closed recipient. Otherwise

the chips have no best before" date. We advise to keep them away from any ignition source

since they are a flamable product.

Depth 15 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 5 cm
Weight 80 g