Aladín - smoking gun

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100% Chef Serie Aladín 007

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The new Aladin 007 is especially recommended for use in cocktails and bar service.

Aladin 007 is the professional smoker preferred by barman of the world. Its special design is optimized for use by the professional The all-metal cocktail cold smoker with a chamber that allows smoldering of the sawdust without charring or giving off a bad odor from the smoke. A wide base ensures stability of the gun making it easy to work with her at times of maximum use.
This smoking gun has the traditional fast connection to connect our smoked Aladin Covers, as well as the Aladin CD disk, obtaining, a more stable and aromatic smoke.
Aladin 007 smoked cold without combustion technique allows the incorporation of added flavorings, such as essential oils, generating new and creative applications of aromatic smokes in cocktails.

Now you can taste the taste smoked in your glasses!.!.

Smoker kit consists of:

  • Pipe smoking Aladin 007
  • Connection tube
  • Aladín CD
  • Set of spare screens
  • Recipes and user manual
Manual EN (pdf)

Depth 27 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 9 cm