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La Tavola Wonderbuffet

THE revolutionary DYNAMIC built -in WONDERBUFFET® SYSTEM

Until now the built-in buffet fixed structures have been synonymous with elegance and style, but also with high investment costs and operational inflexibility.

The risk of realizing a set up that could, sooner or later, prove not able to meet the frequently changing buffet requirements was considered an inevitable consequence of the built in choice itself.

But that is not any longer the case!

Now with the Dynamic Built-in Wonderbuffet® it is possible to have all the advantages of the built-in structure (elegant top surface, hidden wiring, no bulky free standing elements...) without the disadvantage of being bound to an expensive unchangeable set up choice made at the beginning.

With La Tavola Dynamic Built-in Wonderbuffet® in less than 3 minutes you can shift, thanks to its patented inner frame, from an application (for example for an induction plate) to 40 other warming, cooling or cooking functions.

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