La Tavola

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La Tavola

La Tavola je přední italský designer, vývojář a prodejce vysoce kvalitního nádobí pro profesionální gastronomii na celém světě. Bratři Giulio a Sergio Sambonet jsou 100% vlastníky společnosti. La Tavola nejen prodává krásné výrobky, ale také je navrhuje, projektuje a vytváří. Italská kreativa, 200 let zkušeností a profesionální tým odborníků jsou jádrem úspěšného vývoje produktů.

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La Tavola katalogy

  • Příbory

    La Tavola reflects the passion of Giulio and Sergio Sambonet, brothers and founders who share an unending desire to create art for the table. With the support of an experienced, expert and equally enthusiastic team, they are proud to present new flatware patterns in stainless steel, silver-plated and titanium-coated finishes.

    It is very rewarding to design a new product. It involves identifying and guessing future trends, thinking one step ahead of fashion, and expressing it in material and form. Designing beautiful flatware for today is not within everyone’s reach. Good taste, sensitivity, and above all else, experience is required: every item is the result of imperceptible attention to detail that makes it unique. An innovative design, which is both ergonomic and technically feasible, needs to strike the right balance between weights and thickness of material, in order to achieve an impeccable finish. Many years of experience in this old trade are necessary to create a beautiful flatware design that will be recognized and loved at first sight.

    The patterns of this collection have been designed by La Tavola R. & D. Team under the supervision of Giulio and Sergio Sambonet. Those personally designed by them are identified by the trademarks:

    Giulio S.® e Sergio S.®

  • Wonderbuffet

    THE revolutionary DYNAMIC built -in WONDERBUFFET® SYSTEM

    Until now the built-in buffet fixed structures have been synonymous with elegance and style, but also with high investment costs and operational inflexibility.

    The risk of realizing a set up that could, sooner or later, prove not able to meet the frequently changing buffet requirements was considered an inevitable consequence of the built in choice itself.

    But that is not any longer the case!

    Now with the Dynamic Built-in Wonderbuffet® it is possible to have all the advantages of the built-in structure (elegant top surface, hidden wiring, no bulky free standing elements...) without the disadvantage of being bound to an expensive unchangeable set up choice made at the beginning.

    With La Tavola Dynamic Built-in Wonderbuffet® in less than 3 minutes you can shift, thanks to its patented inner frame, from an application (for example for an induction plate) to 40 other warming, cooling or cooking functions.

  • Magic Chafer

    Výhody elektrických ohřevných komponentů pro Wonderbuffet jsou:

    • nízké investiční náklady
    • vysoká spolehlivost (nejsou křehké)
    • vhodné pro magnetické pánve (výrazné ušetření!), dále pro porcelánové, hliníkové, skleněné (atd...) pánve
    • náklady na výměnu jsou 1/6 z nákladů pro indukční ohřev
    • výměnné skleněné svršky
    • velmi veliké rozměry (více než 1/1 + 1/3)
    • rovnoměrná distribuce tepla (efekt vzduchového polštáře)
    • vhodné též pro malé pokrmy (jednoporcové)
    • velmi všestranné
    • 7 různých funkcí (Skleněný svršek, Magic Chafer® s adaptérem, Oyster Chefer® s adaptérem, Jídelní pánve s adaptérem, "talíře" s povrchem z titanové plasmy pro přímý kontakt s jídlem, varianta Tajine, varianta Cocotte)

    La Tavola Magic ChaferLa Tavola Magic Chafer

  • Buffet

    Pancakes, waffles, toasts, eggs, omelettes, crêpes, smoked salmon, quiches, wonderful pastry, freshly squeezed juices, sweet and savoury, hot and cold - the mix of traditional tastes and appetizing innovations make the breakfast buffet an artform in itself. Every dish is painstakingly prepared and triumphantly presented in order to provide the guest with a hearty and welcome start to their day.

    In the same style, Coffee Breaks, Brunches and Business Lunches follow one another during the morning and continue throughout the day; from Tea Time - sometimes High Tea - to Happy Hours, Grand Evening Buffet, and onto the latest trends like Slunch and the Open Day Buffet. A continuous creation of new styles and occasions whilst at the same time revisiting traditional customs and conventions.

    The BUFFET collection of LA TAVOLA reflects the great passion of Giulio and Sergio Sambonet, demonstrating the same sensitivity as ever for the art of the table - for its trends, its fashions and its needs. With the support of their experienced and professional team, they present a selection of items where design and functionality act in harmony to dress the most sophisticated and creative buffets.

    La Tavola BuffetLa Tavola BuffetLa Tavola Buffet

  • Chafing

    The decision to have a meal in a buffet restaurant instead of an “à la carte” one depends on a number of things, such as its suitability, the time you have at your disposal and, most importantly, how alluring it looks at first sight. Every aspect of a buffet contributes to this first impression: the richness and variety of the food, the ambience of the room, the people and, of course, the way it is presented. Amongst all these elements, the chafing dishes play a hugely important role.

    If the atmosphere of the restaurant is traditional, the chafers of our “Classic” line give an appropriate sense of elegance and wealth, bringing to mind the ancient art and tradition of the silversmith. However, if the feeling is modern then the “Contemporary” line’s strong personality distinguishes it from other so-called modern offerings, yet still integrates seamlessly with the other elements of the buffet.

    Finally, if the design is minimalist, the “Oyster” line manages to be both perfectly simple and simply perfect, thanks to its innovative technical features such as a patented rotating lid and heating by induction.

    Giulio and Sergio Sambonet

    La Tavola ChafingLa Tavola ChafingLa Tavola Chafing

  • Stříbro

    Inspired by the silverware of the first class restaurants on luxury cruise liners that, with lights twinkling, sailed through the oceans at the beginning of the twentieth-century, the Ballet collection revives the magic moments and fading memories of that exclusive world, and brings them up-to-date with a 21st century flourish.

    Nowadays, the collection sits beautifully on the tables of today’s new temples of luxury, themselves the work of great designers and famous stylists. Ballet is an invitation to elegance and demands that everything living on the table around it meets the same high standards. It is unthinkable to approach a table laid with Ballet and have a casual or rushed meal.

    The secret of the succ ess of this holloware line, whic h I personally designed, was in the ability to reproduce, using industrial technology, objects that were originally handmade by very skilled craftsmen.

    Sergio Sambonet

    La Tavola StříbroLa Tavola StříbroLa Tavola Stříbro

  • Porcelán

    From two different cultures comes a new collection. The exotic flavours and traditions of the East meet the delicate presentation of the West to create a single culinary and cultural experience. Introducing tableware that manages to embrace both the traditional and the contemporary at the same time. Perfect for those who wish to present their own fresh ideas. A tribute to both style and substance.

    “The discovery of a new dish is more precious to mankind that the discover y of a new star.”

    Anthelme Brilliant Savarin

    La Tavola PorcelánLa Tavola PorcelánLa Tavola Porcelán

  • Buffet Stations

    Discover la tavola’s versatile food presentation solution for banquets, ballrooms, events, break out rooms, coffee breaks, show cooking and much more.

    With an unprecedented variety of functions, La Tavola’s buffet stations will meet the needs of the most demanding chefs.

    la tavola’s buffet stations feature a unique design, countless possibilities in terms of customisation and the use of proprietary and patented technologies.

    the Dynamic Built-In Modular System is the heart of la tavola’s buffet stations and enables operators to enjoy the most flexible buffet system currently on the market.

    La Tavola Buffet StationsLa Tavola Buffet StationsLa Tavola Buffet StationsLa Tavola Buffet Stations

  • Holloware

    A holloware line identifies itself with the style of its coffee and tea pots. Those of the Cafe & Club collection are characterized by their lid - with a saucy knob that conjures up memories of the “bonnets” of the Parisian painters who, on nice spring days, would lay out their easels along the Seine river.

    And the harmonious silhouette drawn on the bone china cups of the Porcelain & Bone China collection creates a happy communion between metal and porcelain.

    Overall, the Cafe & Club line has a refined relevance to the present without being binding. On the contrary it is witty and sparkling.

    Giulio Sambonet

    La Tavola HollowareLa Tavola HollowareLa Tavola Holloware