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DPS Porcelite


Designed to perform within the most demanding of catering environments, the acclaimed Porcelite brand is the undeniable first choice for casual dining presentation.

Synonymous with quality, durability and value; the comprehensive Porcelite collection of professional Vitrified Porcelain offers a versatile, cost effective solution without compromise

DPS katalogy

  • Banquet


  • Standard


  • Twist

    A modular collection offering a contemporary twist to squares. Featuring an off-set well for a sense of movement within each piece.

  • Creations

    A range of accent items to help make your presentation more creative.

  • Squared

    Soft square shapes which are ideal for contemporary food presentation.

  • Mimoza

    Modern coupe and traditional rimmed shapes with a softened square profile.

  • Oven to tableware

    Tough, versatile and resistant to thermal shock, offering outstanding performance.

  • Focus

    Subtle embossment of concentric rings gives a modern contemporary feel.