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Novinky e-mailem


Aerts distributes contemporary, competitive products that appeal to a wide audience. At Salt&Pepper, the emphasis is on products that match the fashion and design trends of the moment, while the Yong products are contemporary products with an exception price-to-quality ratio.

AERTS katalogy

  • CHIC


    CHIC provides functionally designed high quality tableware to creative people who like to express their personality.

    By combining different products into a perfect match, each dining experience becomes an enjoyable emotional gathering.

    Play with unique and timeless designs in various materials, colours and shapes.

    Be the designer, CHIC will give you the tools.

  • F2D

    The innovative products of the brand Fine to Dine provide the market with the latest trends in colors and materials, which makes F2D a trend- and time-based brand that responds to the latest innovations in the market.

  • YONG

    Yong offers a comprehensive and wide spanning range of affordable contemporary tableware with unique designs. Each product from the Yong collection is extensively tested during development for its individual function and durability first and foremost, then allowing the specific beautiful design element to shine through without compromise.