Creations Glass

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Creations Glass

Stunning glassware, designed for impact

Creations glass inspires creativity and adds impact to the tabletop. From clear glass to dramatic, coloured underliners and textured accent pieces. With a choice of unusual shapes and features in a variety of sizes – Creations glass adds instant glamour to the table top.

Make your tabletop truly memorable:

  • igh quality glassware
  • Wide selection of unusual shapes and textures
  • Available in both clear and coloured glass
  • Extremely practical and versatile
  • Used for food service presentation or as striking accent pieces
  • Combines beautifully with other elements from the Steelite International portfolio.

Creations. For a dining presentation that’s clearly outstanding.

Creations Glass katalogy

  • Luna

    Bowls of delight to enhance any salad or dessert presentation allowing the freshness of the glass to showcase the food.

  • Pockets

    Artistic angles provide secret pockets of delight to engage the diner through inspired presentation.

  • Ripple

    Organic shapes with soft ripples play a reflective but interesting role in the service of salads, desserts and light meal choices.

  • Venus

    Venus by Catherine Hurand offers a bold new direction in glass dinnerware that gives the impression of dancing flames frozen in time. Evoking a wild, organic feel, while still maintaining a sensual, feminine air, Venus sets any table apart from the rest.

    Through seemingly free-form, each Venus piece is uniform in shape, offering stackability. "This juxtaposition of uninhibited style with uniform structure creates the perfect piece for optimising both practicality and presentation.

  • Terrain

    Captivating natural landscape forms presented in a clear medium allowing visual creativity to shine through and engage the diner.