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La Tavola Buffet

Pancakes, waffles, toasts, eggs, omelettes, crêpes, smoked salmon, quiches, wonderful pastry, freshly squeezed juices, sweet and savoury, hot and cold - the mix of traditional tastes and appetizing innovations make the breakfast buffet an artform in itself. Every dish is painstakingly prepared and triumphantly presented in order to provide the guest with a hearty and welcome start to their day.

In the same style, Coffee Breaks, Brunches and Business Lunches follow one another during the morning and continue throughout the day; from Tea Time - sometimes High Tea - to Happy Hours, Grand Evening Buffet, and onto the latest trends like Slunch and the Open Day Buffet. A continuous creation of new styles and occasions whilst at the same time revisiting traditional customs and conventions.

The BUFFET collection of LA TAVOLA reflects the great passion of Giulio and Sergio Sambonet, demonstrating the same sensitivity as ever for the art of the table - for its trends, its fashions and its needs. With the support of their experienced and professional team, they present a selection of items where design and functionality act in harmony to dress the most sophisticated and creative buffets.

La Tavola BuffetLa Tavola BuffetLa Tavola Buffet

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