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La Tavola Chafing

The decision to have a meal in a buffet restaurant instead of an “à la carte” one depends on a number of things, such as its suitability, the time you have at your disposal and, most importantly, how alluring it looks at first sight. Every aspect of a buffet contributes to this first impression: the richness and variety of the food, the ambience of the room, the people and, of course, the way it is presented. Amongst all these elements, the chafing dishes play a hugely important role.

If the atmosphere of the restaurant is traditional, the chafers of our “Classic” line give an appropriate sense of elegance and wealth, bringing to mind the ancient art and tradition of the silversmith. However, if the feeling is modern then the “Contemporary” line’s strong personality distinguishes it from other so-called modern offerings, yet still integrates seamlessly with the other elements of the buffet.

Finally, if the design is minimalist, the “Oyster” line manages to be both perfectly simple and simply perfect, thanks to its innovative technical features such as a patented rotating lid and heating by induction.

Giulio and Sergio Sambonet

La Tavola ChafingLa Tavola ChafingLa Tavola Chafing

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