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Since 1945 Kisag in Bellach near Solothurn (Switzerland) has produced kitchen equipment and appliances for gastronomy. Technologies in this field were still in their infancy at that time.

For precisely this reason Kisag succeeded in setting new trends with ingenuity and pioneering achievements. Some worth mentioning are, amongst others, pressure cookers with a pressure control valve patented since the early 50s, frying pans with built-in thermometer, the patented Kisag-Whipper for the production of whipped cream with a charger system developed by Kisag, or a patented gas burner for rechauds. From the initial metal foundry, the production was adjusted as part of new developments. Alongside metalworking, plastics processing was developed in connection with expanding the product range in the area of kitchen gadgets. Due to these depths of production and as manufacturer, Kisag ensures the quality of their products at an interesting price-performance ratio. The family business is now run by a second generation representative Urs Brüngger, exports goods to around 20 countries and also produces for well-known other brands as an OEM.

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Kisag katalogy

  • Tyčové Mixéry

    The hand blender from Kisag is efficient and robust. Highly versatile: thanks to its extremely strong stirring performance and multifunctional all purpose blade it can be used for mixing, pureeing or whipping cream, mayonnaise, for grinding and chopping of nuts etc. Hand blender Art. 8220/8209/8210 The device fits easily into your hand and offers great hygiene advantages:

    • Stem, foot and blade made of stainless steel
    • Fixed mounted stem and foot as unit, without gaps: absolutely hygienic
    • Construction and special seals prevent absorption: no residues left in blending shaft. The food is never contaminated
  • Výrobník na omáčky

    HotWhip® – The ingenious kitchen aid Save time when making freshly-prepared sauces, mousses or light and airy zabaglione with the new HotWhip® from Kisag.  With the HotWhip®, you will be wellequipped to deal with busy periods. You can prepare recipes in advance, allowing you to have delicate sauces and desserts ready to serve in the right quantity and at the desired temperature. The gentle stirring motion prevents a skin from forming on your recipe to help it maintain the proper texture. HotWhip® is manufactured in highquality stainless steel. The device is easy to use and simple to clean. The container and blade are dishwasher-safe.

  • Doplňky
  • Škrabky
  • Špachtle